We Build
Cybersecurity Capacity

Rooted in the belief that the world’s most critical environments don’t just need more security tools, Kutoa provides tailored solutions focused on the intersection of people, processes and technology to better secure connected organizations.

Our Approach

We work with organizations to create focused cyber-physical systems management programs, with solutions for every stage of the security lifecycle


Full range of security assessment capabilities covering asset visibility, compliance, risk, and maturity


Focus on addressing high priority risks and create configuration baselines, following best practices and standards


Strategic planning and project management to ensure deliverables integrate into client’s existing processes and systems


Increase capacity within client teams through product delivery, training, and coaching to drive security program maturity


OT Security - Done Differently

/ mentord

mentord delivers a unique set of coaching and consulting capabilities to connected organizations, placing focus on people and process to achieve desired outcomes.

/ beacon

beacon delivers deep cyber-physical systems visibility by leveraging common technology and techniques with proprietary "security as code" capabilities.

Don't Stop at the Assessment

Organizations often face the challenges of "what next" after performing assessments of their OT environment. mentord builds capacity to move from Cyber-Physical Systems Assessments to Cyber-Physical Systems Management.

Improve safety, security and availability without the complexity

beacon addresses the challenges of gaining asset and vulnerability visibility while providing deeper protection for cyber-physical systems

beacon integrated into a manufacturing plant floor

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